EA kicked off E3 last night with its latest media briefing called EA Play. The event was streamed from both London and Los Angeles. It was at this event where the publisher announced and revealed the lineup we have all been waiting for. From Titanfall 2 to Battlefield, all the way to some Mass Effect: Andromeda. This is what EA had to show at E3 2016

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Titanfall 2

6 new Titans, new maps, and a dedicated single player mode. The biggest news here is that the game will release on 28 October 2016. EA also revealed a beta test which will be taking place later this year and announced that the sign-ups for the test are now open. The game will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

EA Games eSports Events

EA’s annual Madden release will see a few new features, as well as a dedicated eSports competitive mode. Challenger events, premier events and EA Major Events. These events will be periodic events which will be packed into set EA multiplayer games releasing in future, one of these games will be Madden 17. These events will let players partake in eSport themed events in their games that they own. These events will have ladder events and a prize pool depending on the event.

EA revealed that it will have more to announce on these events as more games support them in the future.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Something we have all be waiting for, Mass Effect: Andromeda finally got some actual gameplay and information. Bioware revealed that Mass Effect: Andromeda is the biggest and most ambitious title to date, with bigger planets to explore and a more to do.


The game has been built on the Frostbite Engine. EA revealed that FIFA 17 will come with a brand new game mode called FIFA 17: The Journey. The mode will showcase the life of Alex Hunter, and you will be able to play through the Premier League and live the life of the players through a cinematic and gameplay story.

EA also revealed that for the first time in the series, Premier League managers will feature in the game. José Mourinho then took the stage to give us a little personal touch to the show. 

EA Originals

EA Games announced a new program called EA Originals. The program will let independent developers be backed by EA Games themselves, to be funded by them in all aspects, and get them off their feet. These developers will then profit from the game sales, which gives them room to grow.

New Star Wars Games

EA announced three new Star Wars games, however, it did not reveal any details about the games at all. The only thing we know is that EA is planning to re-release Star Wars: Battlefront next year. What this updated title will include, we have no idea, but EA said that it has been listening to fans and has improved on the formula of the game.

Battlefield 1

At E3 2016, EA revealed the first in-game footage of Battlefield 1. EA revealed how Battlefield 1 will feature fully destructible buildings and environments, as well as dynamic weather, which will change the battle drastically for every match you begin.

The gameplay footage showed off some intense gunfights as well as just how destructible the world around you really is. The trailer took us from a tank, all the way to a fighter plane. If anything, the game looks fantastic and we cannot wait to get our hands on it.

If you want to watch the entire event again, you can below: