We are all for movies based on games, some of them are not bad, while some are not good either. The latest news however, might not be the best we have heard to date. According to Variety, sources point to a possible ‘The Division’ movie which is said to star Jake Gyllenhaal as the film’s lead.

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The Division is set in a post-viral New York City and follows a group called The Division as they fight to take back the city from the rebels and scum that have claimed it for themselves.

Right now Ubisoft has its Assassin’s Creed film adaptation in post-production, as well as Splinter Cell starring Tom Hardy in the works. This would also not be a first for a Tom Clancy film, as the series is pretty well-known for its Hollywood adaptation like Sum of all Fears and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

It would also not be the first time that Jake Gyllenhaal stars in a Ubisoft film, we last saw him play the Prince in the Prince of Persia adaptation released in 2010. If this is all true, then Ubisoft might as well just open its own movie studios as it seems that it is planning many video game movie adaptations.

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