If you think you were having a bad day, then think about poor Katy Perry. She has one of the highest following on Twitter and her account just got hacked. All of her close to 90 million followers came under fire by Katy Perry’s official Twitter account when her account was hacked. The account was then used to tweet racist slurs and homophobic tweets to followers. Even (reported rival) Taylor Swift got a few messages from the official Twitter account during the hacked takeover.

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89 million followers were subjected to some rather intense hate tweeting after a Twitter hacker identified as @sw4ylol, got hold of Katy Perry’s official Twitter account details. He then used her details to log into her account and spammed Katy Perry’s Twitter following with offensive tweets. Since then the popstar has gained control over her account again, but not before screenshots of the tweets were spread online.

Katy Perry Twitter

To make matters worse, the hacker then hacked into her SoundCloud account and leaked an unreleased song online too. Since then the song was pulled offline.

Katy Perry Twitter