The new live-action Disney movie, The Legend of Tarzan is set to release soon and as part of the lead up to the movie’s release, the movie-makers have partnered with Stop Ivory to save elephant’s from extinction.


The Legend of Tarzan was filmed on location in the breathtaking African country of Gabon. The country has become conservationist and documentary filmmaker, Josh Ponte’s base for the last 15 years. He has worked tirelessly at preserving Gabon’s wildlife, specifically focussing on stopping the illegal killing of the indigenous Gabon forest elephant.  He was the inspiration behind the movie’s stars and makers getting involved with Stop Ivory, which is an international NGO aimed at eliminating the ivory industry. The partnership has forged the Elephant Protection Initiative which will create entertaining, informative and meaningful ways to use The Legend of Tarzan movie to get people involved in the effort to end the ivory industry.

The Legend of Tarzan

The campaign started off with a bang with The Legend of Tarzan star, Alexander Skarsgård featuring in a Public Service Announcement which aired in the US. The actor along with his The Legend of Tarzan co-star Margot Robbie will feature in Stop Ivory Public Service Announcements which will be aired internationally.   Warner Bros. has created “From Gabon to the Big Screen” which is a documentary capturing The Legend of Tarzan director, David Yates and Josh Ponte’s journey of filming Gabon for the movie. The featurette shows what an important role these Gabonese forest elephants play in the ecological backbone of the country.  

Follow Warner Bros., and Stop Ivory on Twitter to be able to participate in various “ReTweet for Good” campaigns which will run at spontaneous times.

The Legend of Tarzan is set for debut on 01 July 2016 and was directed by Davit Yates. The movie is a live-action adaptation of the legendary Tarzan characters originally created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The upcoming movie sees Alexander Skarsgård portray the role of Tarzan/John Clayton III and Margot Robbie plays the part of Tarzan‘s beloved wife, Jane. Samuel L. Jackson, Djimon Hounsou and Christoph Waltz also join the cast.