We recently got our hands on the LG Stylus 2, and while we are loving it, we cannot help but wonder how it matches up to its competition. We decided to put it to the test against its predecessor the LG G Stylus, the iPhone 6 Plus, and the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. How do the match up on prices, power, and value for money?


  LG Stylus LG Stylus 2 iPhone 6 Plus Xperia Z5 P Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +
Screen Size LCD 5.7-inch LCD 5.7-inch LED 5.5-inch LCD 5.5-inch Super AMOLED 5.7-inch
Resolution 720×1280 720×1280 1080×1920 2160×3840 1440×2560
CPU Quad-Core 1.2 Ghz-A53 Quad-Core 1.2 GHz-A53 Dual-Core 1.4GHz Quad-Core 1.5GHz Quad-Core 1.5GHz
Camera 8 MP back / 5 MP front 13 MP back / 8MP front 8MP back / 1.2 MP front 23MP back / 5.1MP front 16MP back / 5MP front
Storage 8GB Expandable 16GB Expandable 16/32/64GB 32GB Expandable 32/64GB
Price R3999 R4999 R15,999 R13,999 R12,999

When looking at the LG Stylus 2, the device is on the lower end of specs when compared to the likes of the Sony Xperia Z5 and Samsung Galaxy Edge 6 Plus, but it is almost a quarter of the price. When looking at the camera, it actually beats the iPhone 6 Plus with both its back and front camera boasting higher megapixels.

LG Stylus 2

LG Stylus Comparison

When we look at the two LG G Stylus devices, we see that not much has changed. As you can see below, the two devices bear the same look and feel to them, with the same 5.7-inch display and resolution. The only difference between the two phones when it comes to the look, is that the newer Stylus 2, is thinner and has a sleeker design to it.

We now have a more rounded design to the back of the Stylus 2, which also fits better in our hands. The unlock and volume buttons have stayed in the same position, but have been given a more rectangular look. This is nothing spectacular at all, rather just a visual tweak. The biggest change on the back of the device is the camera, which now protrudes out of the case rather than being flush on the back case like the original Stylus.

LG Stylus 2

LG has also changed up the actual Stylus pen a bit by making it slimmer with a thinner tip. This is obviously to make it slide into the back easier, and with the back being thinner, the stylus had to be too.

In terms of weight, the LG Stylus 2 weighs 146grams and is 7.4mm thin. The original Stylus is a little heavier than the new model coming in at 163grams and is is thicker 9.6mm. The new LG Stylus has 2GB of RAM compared to the 1GB in the previous model, and both still have a 1.2GHz Quad Core CPU. The camera has been improved on the new Stylus 2, pumping up he pixels to 13MP in the back and 8MP in the front, this compared to the 8MP in the back and 5MP in the font, which was found on the first model.

LG Stylus 2

The LG Stylus 2 is a great phablet device which has improved on the design of the original Stylus. Both models have very similar hardware, and the new Stylus 2 feels more like an improvement on the actual design than a massive step in hardware. When comparing the device to others on the market, we can see that for its display and internal configuration, the device is a pretty tough competitor on price range, coming in at under R5000. It could possibly be the cheapest “phablet” on the market when considering the tech.

LG Stylus 2

We will have a full review of the device up later this week.