Nintendo didn’t host a conventional media briefing like everyone else at E3 2016, but the company still had tons to reveal to fans. During its Treehouse stream, Nintendo showed off some of its upcoming titles like Pokémon Sun and Moon, as well as the new Legend of Zelda game, which has finally been named.


Nintendo did quite a lengthy playthrough of Pokémon during its stream and showed off the new region in the game as well as new Pokémon and a new battle mode called Battle Royal. The new battle system, which is available at certain points in the game, will see a 4-player battle take place in an arena. You will be able to choose any of the three Pokémon to attack on your turn and opens up the game for new alliances and strategies while playing. As for the new Pokémon, Nintendo revealed three new ones which you will be able to catch in the early parts of your journey.

Pikepeck is a flying Pokémon that looks like a woodpecker. Yungoos is a normal Pokémon that looks like a ferret. Some people even think that this Pokémon looks like Donald Trump on a good day. The last Pokémon which we saw during the stream was a Pokémon called Grubbin, a bug Pokémon. Nintendo also revealed that the mythical Pokémon Magearna will be in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Check out the trailer below and a little Donald Trump action.

New Legend of Zelda

As for the new Legend of Zelda, Nintendo revealed that the upcoming title for Wii U and the new Nintendo NX, will be titled The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game is the biggest Zelda title to date and will see us venture into a passive open world to explore the ruined Hyrule Kingdom which is now abandoned. Nintendo showed off a stunning new trailer of the game which showcases the game’s large world and mechanics like cooking and wood-cutting.

Nintendo also showed off some brand new Zelda Amiibos which will launch along with the game sometime next year. Three new Amiibos will be launched with spectacular attention to detail, all representing characters and enemies in the game. Take a look at them below:

So when will we get to play these two games? Pokémon Sun and Moon launches worldwide on 18 November 2016, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will release sometime in 2017.

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