We’ve been playing Overwatch non-stop. Visually the game looks fantastic. Overwatch heroes are on point in every detail expected from Blizzard Entertainment. Animations are fluid, and all the little flashy sprites add the finer details to the game.


Overwatch Heroes

The loot box system is back which grants players unlockables when levelling up and meeting other requirements. In these boxes you will earn player skins for all 21 playable characters, player emblems, sprays and more.

So who are our favourite Overwatch heroes? Well if we had to choose one for each class, then here they are:

Offensive Hero – Genji

Overwatch Heroes

Genji is our favourite offensive hero. He is quick and can reach higher points on a map faster than any other character. He can run into a room and slash opponents apart, then run out in a blink of an eye. His Shuriken ability is his main attack and lets him throw three in quick succession.

Genji can also deflect attacks back at opponents using his Deflect ability. This ability needs to be timed well as it only lasts for a few seconds. It is all about knowing your enemy and when they are going to strike.

When Genji is in a pickle, he uses his Swift Strike ability which lets him dash forward and cause damage to anyone in his path. He can also chain this ability to many opponents at once, causing a great amount of damage to the enemy’s team.

Genji’s ultimate ability is called Dragonblade. This ability sees Genji pull out his katana and start slashing everything in his path.

Combining Genji’s fast movement, along with his double jumps and quick attacks, will prove to be most effective when going into the battlefield.

Defensive Hero – Widowmaker

Overwtach Widomaker

Widowmaker is very versatile which makes her a great defensive hero. When she is in a sniper lane, she can turn her gun into a sniper and take enemies out from afar. Holding down the fire button will charge the shot for an extremely powerful shot to the head.  When she is threatened up-close, she can just fire normally while the gun is treated as a normal submachine gun.

Her grappling Hook can be used to reach locations on the map other players cannot. This gives her advantage over them while using the rooftops and catwalks as sniper spots. Her Venom Mine lets her place an explosive poison gas mine behind her in a doorway. So if anyone does try to flank her, they will be poisoned and she will have time to escape or kill them.

Widowmaker’s Infra-Sight ultimate ability, lets her see her opponents in the distance as they glow red when used. This gives her the ability to pick enemies off one-by-one as they make their way around corners into her line of sight.

Support Hero – Zenyatta

Overwtach Zenyatta

Zenyatta has to be the best support hero in Overwatch. He deals great damage as well as heals and nerfs enemies at the same time. Think of him as an all-round hero that covers each class.

Zenyatta’s primary attack sees him tossing powerful balls at enemies. These orbs follow enemies as long as they are in his line of sight. When holding down the secondary attack, Zenyatta charges the orbs and unleashes them all at once in front of him, dealing a devastating attack.

Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord has the ability to increase the amount of damage dealt to an enemy by 50%. This means that when a tank enters an area, tossing one at him and having your team mates shoot at him, will kill him in seconds. On the other hand his Orb of Harmony can be placed on allies to heal them.

Zenyatta’s Transcendence lets him surround himself with a protective bubble as well as allies at the same time. While this bubble surrounds a player, it will heal them and protect them from damage.

Zenyatta is the weakest hero in terms of health, this means that you are safer if you stay back or under cover. Try tossing orbs at players and healing allies when they are low. It is also wise to keep an eye out for a group of allies when you have your ultimate ability ready, so that you can protect them while they wipe the area clean.

Tank Hero – Reinhardt

Overwtach Reinhardt

Reinhardt is an up-close and personal hero best played on the front lines. He can protect himself as well as his allies while still providing powerful melee attacks with his Rocket Hammer. Reinhardt will swing his hammer in a wide arc and decimate enemies in its path.

Reinhardt’s Barrier Field will block enemy’s attacks while they gather up behind him. Although he cannot attack while behind the barrier, it provides a solid protective shield for both him and his allies.

Reinhardt can charge at enemies with a powerful dash, taking them with him as he flies into a wall. Anyone caught in this dash will be pulled along with him and killed when thrown against an obstacle. Reinhardt cannot move in a direction when doing so, which makes it a tactical attack as you need to know where you will end up when using it.

His Earth Shatter ability lets him smash down on the ground in front of him with his hammer and deals damage to enemies in front of him.

Reinhardt is best used by charging into enemies and letting loose with his hammer. When you see things getting a bit crowded, use the charge ability to ram enemies into walls to kill them. Always make sure to use the Barrier Field when in front as your team will greatly benefit from this ability. 

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Overwatch is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Find out how you can play HERE.