It has been a long time coming, and we can finally say we are excited to get our hands on the latest Pokémon creation, Pokémon Go. Nintendo revealed that Pokémon Go will be releasing on iOS and Android in July 2016.

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The mobile game will be free to download and will offer in-app purchase in the form of PokéBalls and other items which help you catch Pokémon at a faster rate. The game will see users walking around in the real wold visiting landmarks and locations in order to catch their favourite Pokémon. Pokémon Go will use AR and GPS satellite tracking to determine your location and various Pokémon will be scattered around the world for you to catch. Water Pokémon will be found near water, and grass Pokémon can be caught in parks and green locations on the map.

Nintendo is hard at work on the game adding in new features like Pokémon trading, which will be available after the launch of the app in July. We are confident that the game will receive more and more content as it ages and become a smash hit.

Pokemon Go

Nintendo also revealed that the Pokémon Go Wrist strap will launch on the same day for $35. The device is a wearable GPS tag which lets you track Pokémon using it rather than having to look at your phone all the time. The strap is not mandatory, rather an optional purchase for those who want to extend the game. It has a blue light that blinks when you are near a Pokémon, signalling you to take action. Nintendo also plans on integrating the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon into Pokémon Go when it releases in November.