After mandating local radio stations to play 90% local music, the public broadcaster has announced that SABC TV stations have to follow a similar mandate.


Hlaudi Motsoeneng, COO of SABC announced that the public broadcaster is planning to mandate SABC TV stations, consisting of SABC 1, SABC 2 and SABC 3, to air 80% local content. This is similar to the mandate which came into effect on 12 May 2016 for 18 local radio stations. The mandate required local radio stations like 5FM and MetroFM to play 90% local music. MetroFM has since stopped following the mandate and has gone back to playing 50% local and 50% international music.

The new policy to air 80% local content on SABC TV stations will apparently kick in from 01 July 2016, with no news on how long the three local TV stations will be mandated to follow the policy.

Not many listeners seem to be embracing the new local content policy on radio stations, but Moetsoneng explains that the country should make a mind-shift:

What is important for us is we need to change the mentality within South Africans to believe in themselves. Because what I have been realising is that people believe in other people’s views outside the country and they admire them. This is the opportunity for South Africans. If we don’t have good quality content and good music, this is the opportunity for people to grab this opportunity to produce that quality that we’re talking about.

The COO went on to defend the SABC’s new local content policy by explaining that it is intended to support local artists and entertainment:

I can tell you, the bulk of money goes outside instead of staying here and we have created that opportunity within the SABC. We should create jobs for our own people and our own people should not die poorly.

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