We love the Xbox One Elite Controller. The only issue we have with it, there is no PlayStation 4 version. That is about change as Sony has filed a patent for a new DualShock 4 controller, which has a few new added buttons on it and a new overall interface.

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Leaked images point to a diagram which shows two new buttons on the controller grip, as well as two new buttons just under the D-Pad and on the opposite side. One thing to take note of is that the touch pad is bigger and the options and share buttons have been moved.

DualShock 4

These new buttons on the controller grips will provide a fast alternative by using your middle finger as a new button input. This will help when playing FPS games by assigning the jump and crouch button to these two new buttons, meaning you will never have to lift your finger off the analogue when using the action buttons. As for the new share and option buttons placement, this would help eliminate the accidental press of the buttons when in the heat of the moment. It also looks like the lightbar, which is situated on the back of the controller, has been bumped up in size and width.

DualShock 4

If Sony has indeed been working on a new DualShock 4 model, we would gladly get our hands on it as soon as we could. This new patent could also point at a possible addition to the new rumoured PS4 Neo, or PS4.5. If Sony is indeed working in a new DualShock 4, then it would surely arrive with the new PS4. We have a few more gaming events still to take place this year like Gamescom and Paris Games Week. We will hopefully hear more about the new hardware then.