Sony had quite a show this year at E3. The gaming giant had a few tricks up its sleeve as the media briefing took place. Sony opened the show with a magnificent live orchestra piece where we got to hear a song from the brand new God of War. Things just kept getting better and better, with a Spider-Man game being revealed, new details on Sony VR and more.

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God of War

As the first gameplay demo for God of War played out, we were introduced to a brand new Kratos, setting, and game in general. God of War certainly has all its classic roots in the latest game as we saw the violence and exploration we know from the series. The game however had a new RPG look and feel to it which has us intrigued.

Days Gone

We can never have enough post-apocalypse games and Sony’s Bend Studio have been hard at work on a brand new take on the end of the world with Days Gone. The trailer showed off a wasteland of a world as the player explored it, made friends and enemies, and survive.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian finally has a release date and it is 26 October 2016. Sony showed off yet another breath-taking trailer to the long awaited game.

Resident Evil VII

Sony began to showcase some new VR games and one of them was a first person horror take on the Resident Evil series. The game sees the player wake up in an abandoned house with nothing but a flashlight. On a mission to escape the demented house, the player will have to survive multiple trials and enemies as he uncovers just how he got there in the first place. Resident Evil VII will release on 24 January 2016 on PS4 and PlayStation VR.

PlayStation VR

Sony announced that on 13 October 2016, PlayStation VR will release worldwide for $399. The company went on to reveal more VR title in development and confirmed that over 50 titles will be available at launch for the headset.


Farpoint seems to be a futuristic space shooter set on an alternate planet.

Star Wars: Battlefront VR

Dice and Sony have been working on an exclusive X-Wing VR mission for PlayStation VR which will be available for PlayStation VR.

Batman Arkham VR

A brand new Batman Arkham title is in the works with Rocksteady Studios and DC. Although the details were scarce, we know that it will be a launch title when PlayStation VR releases in October.

 Final Fantasy XV

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is back after decades of being missing in action. Sony revealed that it will be re-releasing all three original Crash Bandicoot games on PS4 built from the ground up.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

A cute trailer showed off the upcoming LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The game follows the story of the original film and will have all the humour and LEGO we could ever wish for. Sony revealed that you can download a demo of the game available right now on PS4.

Spider-Man Game

The godfathers of open world superhero games are working on its own Spider-Man game, and we cannot be more excited about it. The Spider-Man game will be releasing exclusively on PS4 and is being developed by Insomniac Games themselves. Insomniac Games has been known for games like Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet and Clank. The gameplay trailer we saw featured Spider-Man leaping about through the city and even popping into a coffee shop, well, flying through it with a web swing that is.

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