With an industry crammed full of new TVs every second week, and mobile devices taking over, it is hard for a product to be able to integrate into your life, that meets your needs. We got the Acer K137i projector to play around with and we have to say that we worked, played games, and watched movies on it. It is small, powerful, and extremely versatile

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In theory the K137i is a “travel” projector, but we didn’t want to restrict its use so we made it both a travel and a TV replacement at home. The device has a 1920×1080 resolution, 3D playback, USB and SD card support, and the most surprising of all, a pretty loud and decent speaker.

Acer K137i

Acer K137i Tech-Specs

Native Resolution 1280×800
Maximum Resolution 1920×1080
Standard Brightness 700 Im
Aspect Ratio 16:10, 16:9, 4:3
Contrast Ratio 10,0000:1
Throw Ratio 1.5:1
Digital Zoom 1.7x
Lamp LED
Connectivity HDMI, USB, AUX, SD Card
Features ColorSafe II/ EcoProjection
Retail Price R12,999

What’s in the box?

In the box you will find:

  • K137i DLP Projector
  • AC Power Cord
  • Battery for remote control
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Remote Control
  • User’s Guide (CD-ROM)
  • Carrying Case



The Acer K137i is as small as you are going to find for its features. Its coated in white glossed plastic, with a silver grill along the sides. It looks like a little UFO. It weighs a measly 498 grams, and is about as big as an A5 book. It’s designed to allow ventilation throughout the hardware.

The grills allow 360-degree sound to emanate from the powerful speakers which are packed into it. The device uses SRS Wow audio to really pack a punch with sound. If anything, it is the best sound we have ever heard from a device that is not designed to produce great sound. While watching movies, it was so loud that we had to turn it down. The speaker is important as the device lacks any real audio ports to plug into to make use of an external audio source.

Acer K137i


The K137 is a beastly projector. It took us 10 minutes to set up and figure out, with no real issues involved. We placed it on a table, shut the blinds, and turned it on. It booted up fairly fast and the setup guide was simple. We started off by using our Aspire R13 to plug into it through the HDMI port. The device instantly detected this and we had our laptop screen mirrored on the wall ahead. Thanks to the zoom and focus dial on the to of the device, a simple turn of it let it focus into view without needing to go into settings at all.

What surprised us was the no wait time to get it up and running. We did not need to wait for the device to warm up and down before turning on and off.

We tested the device using the three things we do every day, play games, watch TV shows and movies, and work.

Acer K137i


Obviously the first thing we did was plug in our PS4 into the projector and start playing games. The PS4 automatically detected the projector and we had everything set up instantly. We jumped into some Overwatch and we were not disappointed. The game is vibrant and colourful, and that all showed on the wall in front of us. We had no real visual issues with playing Overwatch, mainly because it was a lighter game with very little blacks and dark areas. When it came to games like DOOM, the projector did have a few issues delivering dark scenes in the game. Instead of the dark areas looking dark, they were projected milkier than deep black.


Movies on the other hand had no issues at all, even with the dark colours. HD videos looked great and detailed, even when there were lots going on in a scene, it was like watching movies at a mini IMAX. We also headed into the settings to adjust a few contrast and sharpness numbers to get a better picture, but streaming an HD movie off Netflix was more than enjoyable with no real hiccups at all. Thanks to its portability, the device can also be packed up into a carry bag, which is includes, and taken to a friend for the evening. We carried it around and had a few movie nights with friends, and again thanks to its easy set up, we had it running in minutes.


We found that it almost had the perfect environment for working. The only real issue we had was that text was a little small, which just meant we had to increase scaling using Windows 10’s scaling and adjustment feature. We did a few things like putting a document together, showcasing a graphic design presentation, and even went onto typing out a full article using the projector. It was really impressive how well it worked. The device has a USB port so you can easily plug in a USB and present any Office document off it without plugging in a separate PC or device.


The K137i is a tiny beastly device, which has a powerful speaker and manages to integrate into any sort of environment. We played games, watched movies and worked on it in multiple locations. We were never disappointed with its abilities, we kind of want to chuck our TVs out and just use this full time from now on.


The Acer K137i Projector: Perfect for Gaming, Movies and Work
Extemely PortableGreat SoundDecent Image Quality
Deep Blacks are Milky
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