Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: PS4
Developer:  Ubisoft Entertainment
Publisher: Ubisoft
Distributor: Megarom Interactive/Digital
Release Date: 13 June 2016
PEGI: 16
Price: R200

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What do you get when you merge Far Cry: Blood Dragon with one of the best side-scrolling bike games ever created? Well, you get a side scrolling bike game with a Blood Dragon skin. Ubisoft’s latest entry in the Trials series merges the world of Blood Dragon, the over-the-top shooter, with its trick bike game. The result of the merge has created a somewhat frustrating experience that feels all over the place, and at times we wanted to pull our hair out, and at times we really enjoyed what we were doing.

Trials of the Blood Dragon

When you think of Trials, you think of starting at one point of the level and getting to the other end by soaring off edges, driving up ramps and carefully manoeuvring around objects. The same is present in Trails of the Blood Dragon, but instead of the typical stages to do it in, you are exploring he city of Tokyo, or the pits of Hell. As the game is meant to be a mockery of 90s pop culture, expect to find a few hilarious cameos by the Power Rangers, Indiana Jones and even your very own Pokémon inspired creature who levels up and evolves.

Each chapter in the game takes you to a new area in this 30 stage, single player experience. Across various chapters you will encounter new challenges and awesome Easter Eggs. Our favourite chapter had to be the Power Rangers chapter which saw us chasing down the Rangers to get a key to a portal.

Trials of the Blood Dragon

In Trials of the Blood Dragon, there is more than just the typical two-wheeled experience, as Ubisoft has expanded it into more modes of transport. This being by foot, mine cart, jetpack, and even a RC car. These different styles will be experienced throughout the game at various times. You will go from awkwardly running, jumping and shooting robots in a factory, to controlling the pitch and speed of a mine cart as it speeds through a fiery vision of Hell.  As much as we enjoyed the extra modes, this is where the game fails terribly, as they all don’t work out as well as we hoped.

Platforming is awkward as you float around, jumping from ledge to ledge. It is like there is no gravity and your player can float down to the ledge below. This causes issues with the style of the game, as well as increases the difficulty of getting around. The same can be said for the general BMX and motocross bikes, as most of the time, the environments just feel like they weren’t supposed to be explored using to wheels. We would often fall to our death because of a ramp which was poorly positioned, or a collapsing pillar would just ruin our streak.

Trials of the Blood Dragon


After finishing the story, the thought of going back to better our scores on each level was a nightmare we would not like to revisit. Some missions went really well, while others, we hit 60 retries and got zero points. This was part our skill, but mainly the broken mechanics in the game which was just infuriating. The game as a package is great as it is filled with fun cameos and some awesome experiences.

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Trials Of The Blood Dragon Review
A few great levelsGreat 90s pop culture references
Frustrating drivingWeak story
Value for Money70%
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