Director Duncan Jones
Cast Paula Patton, Travis Fimmel, Ben Foster and Toby Kebbell
Rating PG
Genre Fantasy/Action
Running Time 2 Hours 4 Min.

The Warcraft movie is based on the highly addictive mobile game World of Warcraft which first enthralled the world back in 2001. Fast forward to 2016 and the game has gone through major changes and has declined significantly in popularity. But that didn’t stop Legendary and Blizzard Entertainment from releasing a live-action adaptation of the franchise for the big screens


You’re immediately emerged into the Warcraft world from the first few seconds of the film. The problem with this approach is that the newbie has no time to get used to the out-there characters and sci-fi setting. If you haven’t played the games at all then it will be extremely difficult to keep up. And if you’re not really into fantasy and sci-fi then you’re probably going to struggle to get into it. Some heart does manage to shine through and you will get emotionally attached to some of the characters. The human and orc connection amongst themselves and with each other make you feel for the cause and root for your favourite side. The strong family and friendship bonds portrayed in the Warcraft movie is probably one of its best storylines, with the other content-heavy stuff being difficult to get into if it’s not really your thing. The rest of the storyline (once you’ve dug through a massive content-dump) is, at its core, about survival, honour and unbreakable human (and orc) spirit.


The characters looked epic and the makeup and costume design were impeccable. The team managed to create characters that any veteran of the game will delight in seeing and cosplay enthusiasts are sure to take some notes. The orcs look especially realistic and the detailing on texture, shading and unique looks had us in awe. We loved the homage paid to the look video game characters usually have, in terms of bold colours and striking and dramatized features. The characters might have looked great but their acting was really shocking at some points, making certain scenes feel forced, awkward and even cringe-worthy to watch. Ben Schnetzer was a specifically questionable casting choice for magician apprentice, Khadgat and we couldn’t quite get into him.

The setting is inspiring – although there is tons to take in. The geographic visualisation took us back to the early days of playing the game and being blown away by the beauty of the surroundings. We loved some of the aerial shots that really had you feeling like you were playing the game. But the details and the CGI in the Warcraft movie is way better than that of the game and it’s a treat to behold the beauty. The setting helps greatly with getting you into the all the fantasy and sci-fi lore going on.


The Warcraft movie is a good attempt at adapting a video game for the big screen. It has some truly heartfelt moments as well as some humour. The setting is gorgeous and authentic. The characters were creatively created and look realistic. Some of the casting choices could have been better, with the performances from the actors wobbling at times. The movie also fails to set up the story properly for moviegoers who aren’t familiar with the franchise to be able to follow. We would have wanted more time spent in getting to know the massive Warcraft world and its interesting inhabitants. Instead we felt confused at some parts and we were left wanting so much more, and not in a good way.


Warcraft Movie: Good Attempt, But Game Over
Beautiful Fantasy SettingGreat Costume Design And Make UpAwesome Special Effects
Overwhelming Story LineQuestionable Casting Choices
75%Overall Score
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