The new Warcraft movie will hit cinemas this week. This fantasy movie is based on the popular video game franchise by the same name. If you’re unfamiliar with the franchise then you’re in luck because we’ve hooked you up with a few details to help you better understand the content-heavy movie:


The Setting

The first ever Warcraft game Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans released more than 20 years ago and the movie is based-off this era in the game. The movie follows the story of Orcs who have entered the land of Azeroth to seek a new world to live in. Things go south when a mysterious power known as the Fel, is used against them to open a portal to their world, starting the war between the Orcs and Humans.


The Orcs

The Orcs originate from the world of Draenor, which has been corrupted by the Fel. The Fel not only destroyed their world, but when an Orc comes in contact with the Fel, their skin turns from a brown, to a green shade.

This is why the Orcs are not green by the way, and Gul’Dan is. Gul’Dan has brought them to Azeroth in order to take over the lands, this however means that the Fel which he can control, came along with him.


It’s A Video Game Movie

The movie was really created for the fans of the video game and it contains a lot of information which will be difficult for noobs to keep up with. From the start, right till the end of it, you are introduced, or re-introduced to massive World of Warcraft lore. There are dozens of Easter eggs to look out for like mounts and monsters which appear in the game.


Yes, most definitely. The movie has some fairly large plot holes in it which lays the foundation for future movies. If anything we should prepare for a trip through the entire world of Azeroth as well as Draenor, the land of the Orcs.

WarcraftThe Warcraft video game series, sees the story of the game head to many locations, which we would love to see on the big screen. From the dead world of Draenor, to the mountains of Pandaria. If the movies continues to follow the game series, then we are in for quite an adventure. The biggest challenge will be for movie-makers to make these movies more appealing to noobs. It is next to impossible to keep up with all that is going on in the movie if you’ve never been introduced to the series, which might make then unappealing to non-fans of the video games.

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