This time next week E3 will be in full swing and all the announcements would have already taken place. If you’re gaming guzzlers like us and want to watch a conference until the early hours of the morning, then we have you covered with times and how to watch E3 2016:

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(All times shown here are in South African time.)

Bungie – Destiny Reveal

Although this is a bit early in the E3 schedule, Bungie will be unveiling its latest Destiny adventure this week. You can expect a live-stream of the reveal where the developers will be guiding us through all the latest content we can expect from the new game or expansion.

When: Thursday 9 June – 19:00
Bungie Twitch Stream

EA Games

Last year’s EA conference was a little lacklustre, but this year we are in for a treat. We are pretty confident that we will see a brand new Dragon Age, some Mass Effect gameplay and possible release date, and maybe some new Sims content, because we all love The Sims.

When: Sunday 12 June – 22:00
EA Play Website / EA Twitch Channel

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Get ready for some Dishonored II gameplay. Rumour has it that we will be treated to an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Remaster, The Evil Within 2 and a new Wolfenstein. If anything, Bethesda needs to have a killer conference to be able to make us all tune in to its stream. It is now the second year in a row that Bethesda has held its own media briefing, we just hope its something good for us this time around.

When: Monday 13 June – 04:00
Bethesda E3 Website


Microsoft has some big shoes to fill after last year’s briefing. Xbox One backward compatibility, new IPs and more was part of its conference last year. This year we are still waiting for Microsoft’s big break as the console hits its Windows 10 transition. Will the company show off some HoloLens for the console or will the event be filled with games? We will have to watch E3 2016 to find out.

When: Monday 13 June – 18:30
Microsoft E3 Website

PC Gaming Show

The PC Gaming show is not the highlight of the event, but this year that could be a little different. We have the new GTX 1080 and 1070 cards on the market, so the show could be filled with some pretty benchmarks and performance tests.

When: Monday 13 June – 20:30
 PC Gaming Show Website

Watch E3


We already know that Watch Dogs 2 will be the star of Ubisoft’s media briefing this year, but what else does the publisher have up its sleeve? Possibly an Assassin’s Creed reveal for next year? Or maybe a new Rayman Origins? We will have to watch E3 to see what Ubisoft has up its sleeve.

When: Monday 13 June – 22:00
Ubisoft E3 Website


We have had Uncharted 4, and we know that its biggest exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn, has been pushed into 2017. So, what else does Sony have for us this year at E3? We know we can be ready to see some PlayStation VR, but a launch date and price will be really appreciated too

When: Tuesday 14 June – 03:00
PlayStation 4 Console (via the PlayStation Live App) / PlayStation Live

Nintendo Treehouse

With all this gaming going on, it is hard to not forget Nintendo. Its gaming presence has been on the rocks the past year or so, and with E3 coming up, we cannot help but brace ourselves for more delays and beating around the bush. Will we finally get to see the Nintendo NX? We doubt it, but hopefully there will at least there be some Pokémon.

Drop us a comment and let us know if you’re going to watch E3 2016 and what you’re most excited to see.

When: Tueday 14 June – 17:00
Nintendo E3 Website