Here are all the biggest announcements from WWDC 2016:

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iOS 10

We covered some new iOS 10 features, but as the day went on, more and more was announced for the mobile OS. Here is a full list of new features

  • New lockscreen with its own notifications system
  • Improved widgets that let you access app content without opening the app
  • Siri will not be integrated into apps
  • Siri can now give feedback on text to help give you alternate word and phases to use in emails and texts
  • New Memories on photo apps
  • You can now edit Live Photos
  • New analysing of photo objects and settings to sort albums
  • Apple Maps UI will be redesigned with new booking options and navigation routes
  • Apple Music app gets new layout and features
  • You will be able to delete unwanted stock apps like the Apple Watch App
  • Apple News Redesign
  • New Homekit improvements and iCloud syncing across devices
  • Transcribed voicemails
  • iOS 10 will detect spam calls and let you block them automatically
  • You will be able to make calls through the internet like WhatsApp
  • iMessage will get its own App Store with dedicated new keyboard and on screen options
  • Send heart beats and drawings, and bubble effects through iMessage
  • iOS 10 will automatically turn certain words into Emojis
  • Turn on “read receipts” on iMessage and normal texts
  • Set up a Bed Time and Wake Time in the clock app and let it analyse your sleep patterns

iOS 10

Mac Changes

Apple announced that Siri will be available on Mac with a complete new look and set of features. Siri on Mac will be able to transcribe voicemails, search your images, and even write emails and tests for you.


OS X will no longer be called OS X, rather Apple has adopted a new name for all desktop and laptop software called MacOS. The latest version dubbed “Sierra” will be the version which contains the new Siri updates, Apple Pay, auto-unlock and more.


Apple showed off some new WatchOS 3.0 features and they actually looked like something you would want to use. Instant Launch is a new feature which will launch apps 7 seconds faster than WatchOS 2.0. The UI will also see a drastic change in WatchOS 3.0, in addition you will now be able to write characters on the watch interface to reply to texts. Apple will be adding a new Control Center, new watch faces like Minnie Mouse, and more health features on the main time screen. Find Friends and Reminders have been redesigned to work better and make it easier to navigate on the screen.

WatchOS 3

Fitness on Apple Watch we be receiving a brand new app. You will now be able to track your own fitness goals as well as your friends’. Apple is adding in a Time to Roll feature for wheelchair users, which will be the same as the Time to Stand for other users. The new Breath App will let users take a breath, literally, and promote relaxation and breathing techniques. The app will then vibrate for when you have your eyes closed to tell you to breath in and out. Apple announced that WatchOS 3.0 will be available later this year with a developer preview out now.

WatchOS 3

That is about everything that went down during WWDC this year. We expect iOS 10, WatchOS 3, and MacOS Sierra later this year.