We recently showed you how to clean your PS4 fan, as it gets all dirty and full of dust. The same thing can happen to the Xbox One, and seen as the huge fan is situated on the top of the console, dust can easily get into it when in use and not in use.

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We have put together quick video showing off the process, but here is a detailed guide too.

Before we start

This method involves opening up your Xbox One internals and breaking your warranty seal. Make sure that your Xbox One is older than 12 months when doing so.

You will need:

  • T9 and T10 screwdriver;
  • Something to pry open the case with – we used a flat screwdriver;
  • Something to slice the warranty seal with – we used a craft knife.


Step 1

Remove the grid off the side of the console. This will reveal the pair button, slide that off using your finger.

Clean Xbox One Clean Xbox One

Slice open the warranty seal, and pry open the console using a separator object like a thin screwdriver. When prying open the console, make sure to remove the ribbon cable which is situated on the front of it. Once the ribbon cable has been removed, you can now detach the top case and remove the face of the console from it. Do this by unclipping the clips on the inside of the case.

Screenshot (83)

Step 2

You can now put the top shell aside and start unscrewing the metal case inside the console where the fan and internals are held. Using the T10 screwdriver, remove the screws shown below:

Screenshot (84)

Now that these are gone, switch to the T9 screwdriver and unscrew the Wi-Fi chip shown below. There are two screws holding it in place as well as three around it.

Xbox One Cleam Wifi Chip

Underneath that screw you will find another T10 screw, remove that last screw and now you can open up the metal case.

Screenshot (88)

Step 3

Now that all the screws have been removed, you can open up the metal case and get inside the console. We gentle wiped the insides using a cloth and used an air compressor to clean the dust off the main board. Make sure you get rid of all the dust before closing it up again.

Step 4

Now that the console is clean inside, you can start closing it up. You will need to plug Wi-Fi chip back in by simply pushing the bottom of it through the hole, while holding the chip in place to plug it in.

Screenshot (91)

Using a T10 screwdriver, screw back in the screw which was hidden underneath the chip. Go ahead and screw the rest of the T9 screws back in that were surrounding the chip.

Continue to screw in the rest of the remainder screws which have labels on the metal case for you. Once you have done all this, you should not have any screws left, if you do, then you missed one.

Step 5

Now for the tricky part, the ribbon cable. Using the loop on the ribbon cable, be sure to slide it back into the port and then loop the end around the port to secure it. Securely place the front face into the front of the console, but do not fit it in just yet as the top needs to go on first.

Screenshot (90)

Take the top of the console and snap it back into place, make sure all the clips at the back are secure and there is no gap.

Go ahead and push the front face into the case now, clipping it all back together. Finish it all off by sliding in the pair button which you took out first, and then clip the vent back in which was removed first.

Screenshot (92)