A new feature that will allow users to broadcast videos from anywhere on their mobile devices, will soon be added to millions of YouTube accounts in the next few weeks. The new feature will let you stream anything from your camera on your mobile phone or tablet, with a simple press of a button.

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The streaming feature will be very similar to that of Periscope’s, as the user will be able to read comments scrolling up the screen as the broadcast takes place. YouTube might be in a way copying Periscope, but YouTube might have the infrastructure to give its live video streaming service an advantage over the competition.


User will be able to search for live video streams just like they would any other video. The company will continue to work on keeping the service safe and protected from unauthorised use like spam and fake adverts. YouTube has also said that the service will be “more reliable than anything else out there”.

Although there is no exact rollout plan for the service, YouTube will be releasing the service slowly across various regions. There are a few accounts that already have the service like Alex Wassabi and The Young Turks.