The hip hop star, and all-round car enthusiast, spoke up on the cancellation of the US Top Gear,  the departure of Chris Evans as host and what he would do to save the show. 50 Cent said that he would totally host the show and sign a deal with BBC, if they offered him a lot of cash.

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50 Cent went on to explain that he would “love” to work on Top Gear, and ultimately save the show, but it would “cost them”.

New Top Gear 50 Cent

There ain’t a car I haven’t owned over the years. My car collection is as good as anybody’s.

50 Cent believes that the UK version of the show has gone downhill since Chris Evans took over after host Jeremy Clarkson was fired last year. 50 Cent says that the show is almost “unrecognizable” and if things do not come right, the show will never be able to recover.

It’s a show you know you can watch in any country you are in. They got to get it right again for all the fans.

If anything will come from this, we do not know. We do think that 50 Cent could make a great host as he knows a ton about cars and pop culture. 50 Cent is also very charismatic on camera. Without Chris Evans at the helm, co-host Matt LeBlanc will be taking over the show alone when the next season premiers.

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