The B&O BeoPlay A6 is more than just a standard speaker, it is a piece of art and furniture at the same time. It looks stunning, and thanks to its AirPlay, Google Cast, and WLAN support, you can listen to your favourite music without even having to touch the speaker itself. It is pricey, but its style and substance makes it totally worth it. From the moment we turned it on, to the second we packed it up, we loved it and it felt part of our home.

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Beoplay A6 Tech Specs

Dimensions 536 x 298 x 144mm
Speakers 2 x 60 watt class D woofer | 1 x 60 watt class D full range | 2 x 30 watt class D tweeter
Driver Units 2 x 5.5-inch woofer | 1 x 1.5-inch full range | 2 x ¾ tweeter
Material Plastic/Fabric
Microphone No
Frequency 35 – 22,000 Hz
Streaming Features Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth, DLNA, Spotify, QPlay, Deezer, TuneIn
Wireless Connectivity WLAN 802/11B/G/N 2.4 + 5 GHz, Google Cast, Bluetooth 4.0, Apple AirPlay
Colours Dark Grey, Dark Rose, Dusty Blue
Retail Price R22 999

Beoplay A6Design

The BeoPlay A6 is light and compact when considering the power built into it. It takes on a boomerang shape with very little distraction on its front and back. The front is covered in a hand stitched material designed by Kvadrat, while the back has some ventilation and a handle to carry it. It is pretty easy to knock over by mistake, given its low ground coverage on its feet, and the fact that it weighs less than 2kgs.

The front is made to deliver great sound, and through the material, great acoustics too. There is a significant feeling of fashion and high-end luxury when using the device, or even placing it anywhere in your home. Everywhere we put it, it felt like it belonged there, which gave it versatility compared to other speakers we have covered in the past.

Beoplay A6

On the top of the device, there are touch controls, which to put it lightly, did not work as well as we hoped. The buttons did not respond at times to our touches, and we had to press a few times to register our actions. At the bottom of the speaker, you will find the Ethernet port and a few other functional buttons to change the speaker’s output, depending on the placement of it. If you mount the speaker, then you would need to flip a switch which will change the frequency to better match its position.


Setting up the speaker and connecting it to our Wi-Fi was quick and painless. Once it was done, we did not have to touch it again. When we restarted our modem, it connected without any tweaking at all. This was great as you know it is always there for you when you just want to start playing a song.

We made use of the device’s Apple AirPlay feature, which lets you play anything from your iPhone on the speaker. We just opened our Music App, and pressed the cast button to get it going. Sound was crisp and there were no issues related to the connectivity of the device at all. When it was on standby, we just waited 2-seconds for it to pick up it was on the Wi-Fi, and it played without any hassle. The AirPlay feature does drain battery power from your iPhone.

Beoplay A6

The sound quality was superb, from the smallest room in our house, to the largest – everything was clear and sounded great.  The output of music through the speaker was on point no matter what we threw at it. Classical did not compromise on the instruments, while our Fetty Wap sessions, really gave the speaker the kick we needed. Bluetooth streaming, did not sound as great as say, using Apple Music through AirPlay, but it was not noticeable without a deep comparison of the two.


The BeoPlay A6 is on the steep end of the price bracket, but for those who love the brand and really respect the value of good sound and versatility, then this is by far the best in the range. This is just another great offering from a great brand.


Bang and Olufsen's BeoPlay A6 Review
Great sound qualityPremium buildLooks great anywhereCool connectivity features
Value for money80%
Reader Rating 92 Votes