Akamai has released its first quarterly State of the Internet report for 2016, which, amongst other things, sets out which countries enjoy the fastest mobile connections. The company collected data from smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices that are mobile connected.


74 countries around the world were included in determining which had the fastest mobile connections. To qualify, a country had to show that it had a minimum of 25 000 unique IP addresses.

Fastest Mobile Connections

The United Kingdom leads the race with the fastest mobile connections, clocking average speeds of 29.9 Mbps. Belgium comes in at second with average mobile connection speeds of 19.4 Mbps (70% of the United Kingdom’s speeds). Algeria has the slowest average mobile connection speeds of 2.2 Mbps, followed closely by New Caledonia which has average speeds of 2.3 Mbps. Iran, which came in last place with speeds of 1.8 Mbps in the previous quarter, has made massive improvements and now has average speeds of 4.7 Mbps.

The company found that on average mobile connection speeds had increased from the previous quarter. These were the fastest mobile connections within the individual continental regions:

Continental Region Country Average Mobile Connection Speeds
Africa Kenya 5. 9 Mbps
Asia Pacific South Korea 13.0 Mbps
Europe United Kingdom 29.9 Mbps
North America Canada and Puerto Rico 8.8 Mbps
South America Paraguay 6.1 Mbps

Here are the fastest mobile connections across Africa:

Country Average Mobile Speeds Peak Mobile Speeds
Kenya 5.9 Mbps 20.4 Mbps
South Africa 4.8 Mbps 28.8 Mbps
Angola 4.7 Mbps 86.8 Mbps
Tunisia 4.0 Mbps 33.7 Mbps
Morocco 3.9 Mbps 27.3 Mbps
Egypt 3.7 Mbps 19.3 Mbps
Namibia 3.0 Mbps 32.9 Mbps
Ghana 2.6 Mbps 11.7 Mbps
Algeria 2.2 Mbps 29.5 Mbps

Akamai partnered with Ericsson, to show that mobile data usage continues to grow on a global basis:

Fastest Mobile Connections

In terms of popular browsers, this is what the company found:

Fastest Mobile Conenctions

The report is very comprehensive and covers more than the fastest mobile connections, which you can read in full HERE.