If you are hungry for new TV shows, then we have you covered with free video streaming sites.


Here are some of the best sites to stream and watch the latest TV show.


The site runs very well, and the servers provide great speeds so there is very little, to no buffering, which is rare for free video streaming sites. You do not need to click-through pages of links to find your stream, and it is easy to navigate and get around.

Free Video Streaming Sites

You can also create an account on the site, which will track your progress and watch list of content you add to your profile. The best thing about 123Movies, is that no matter how far back you go, we have never found one dead link, which could be a problem with free video streaming sites.

Watch Series 2.0

Watch Series is one of the free video streaming sites that has been around for a few years now, and recently the site had a makeover, hence the “2.0”. The site has an overall better layout than before, and things are much easier to find.  The site does play the videos on the actual main page, which helps by not letting you go through links of content, but if you want to change a server, in case you want to watch it in 720p, then there are other links available.

WatchSeries 2.0

The site also lets you create an account to manage your shows and likes.


Although this site does not have the polished look like the other free video streaming sites and requires you to go through a bunch of links to watch an episode, we have found that Watch-Series.to, offers a wider range of content. If you are looking for those shows that no one watches like Wife Swap and Late Night with Seth Meyers, then this site has you covered where other free video streaming sites might not have.


You cannot create an account for this site, but there is ample content on it to keep you busy for months on end.


Couchtuner is your ultimate library of TV shows. The site has a decent backlog, probably the biggest we have seen of shows from the 90s all the way up to today, compared to other free video streaming sites. If you want to watch say, Community from the first ever episode, then CouchTuner has it in its archives.


CouchTuner is also pretty easy to use as it does not require much navigation to get around. You find the show you want to watch, choose the season and episode, and start streaming.

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