Ex-host of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson and his two co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond filmed part of their new motoring show, The Grand Tour, in South Africa this week. The Grand Tour is an exclusive new Amazon Prime show which stars the three former hosts of BBC’s Top Gear.

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South Africa has become the location for the first show for The Grand Tour, with the team having literally set up camp somewhere in Johannesburg.

The team has been traveling the world to film the new show. Jeremy Clarkson took to Twitter to give the world a first glimpse of the new show. Jeremy Clarkson seemed specifically to have enjoyed filming in Johannesburg, South Africa and Tweeted about his admiration for the country, saying “God I love Johannesburg“.

In the pictures Tweeted by Jeremy Clarkson and the rest of The Grand Tour gang, we can see some new branding for the show. It’s also clear that the new show will not follow a very structured format and we’re sure to get some fun surprises and belly aching laughs. Of course, we will obviously see tons of stunning cars being driven around the world. Jeremy Clarkson and his co-hosts have come a long way since the drama with Top Gear. One striking difference between the two motoring shows is that The Grand Tour doesn’t have Jeremy Clarkson and his co-hosts filming in a studio every week, but rather the trio travel the world with a tent studio. The setup is pretty cool and we got to see some stunning views of South Africa in the photos Tweeted by Jeremy Clarkson and the team.

The team will be traveling the world to shoot at different locations.

No official release date has been confirmed yet, nor do we have details on how we will be able to catch the new show hosted by Jeremy Clarkson and his co-hosts on TV in South Africa.

The team is already on the move again, heading to their next filming location.

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