LG has launched its brand new LG X Cam smartphone in South Africa. The LG X Came is positioned as a more “budget device”, while retaining many flagship-grade features you wouldn’t expect.

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As the name of the LG X Cam suggests, one of the main selling points of the new device is its camera.

LG X Cam 2

General Manager for LG Mobile, Deon Prinsloo explains the camera capabilities of the LG X Cam:

The LG X Gam’s flagship-grade dual camera is a massive talking-point of the phone. The camera takes memory making to the next level, by combining the option of a regular 13-megapixel lens with a 120° Wide Angle Lens that allows you to capture exactly what you see. This makes the LG X Cam the quintessential device for anyone that values collecting memories on-the-go, from adventures abroad to family milestones.

 The LG X Cam really packs a punch in terms of smartphone camera capabilities and you wouldn’t usually expect such fabulous features in a non-flagship device. The dual 13 MP and 5 MP camera on the LG X Cam allows you to take wide-angle view photos like never before on a smartphone. And camera modes like Pop-Up Picture, which is an Instagram-style mode, let’s you truly capture and share unforgettable pictures that are sure to rack-up tons of likes. The LG X Cam boasts a picture-perfect panoramic function that surpasses that of other devices by giving you the option to take longer and wider shots.

LG X Cam

Aside from the cool camera capabilities, the X Cam has a crisp and clear 5.2″ full-HD display. The LG X Cam feels lights and slim in your hands, while giving off the look of a polished metal body without the bulkiness.

LG X Cam 3

Stay tuned as we bring you a full review of the new device (expect lots and lots of pictures).

You can get yours from Vodacom as of 10 August 2016.

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