As Pride Month 2016 came to an end, we thought we’d celebrate by choosing our favourite LGBT superheroes. These superheroes aren’t only brave in terms of fighting crime and villains, but also in fighting the stigma surrounding the beautiful LGBT community.

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These LGBT superheroes prove that love always wins.


LGBT Superheroes 1

Catwoman is the purrfect companion, although we wouldn’t recommend pissing her off as she might get a bit clawy. Catwoman was first introduced in 1940 and after years of speculation it was confirmed by her creator, Genevieve Valentine that Catwoman is bisexual.

LGBT Superheroes 2


Deadpool should be the official representative of LGBT superheroes. His creator described him as sexual fluent or “ominsexual“. We were huge fans of Ryan Reynolds as this awesome, yet twisted superhero in the recent Deadpool movie and we hope that he represents LGBT superheroes again in a sequel.


LGBT Superheroes

Hector might not be the most popular comic book character and has mostly appeared with the Pantheon organisation. He is pretty powerful and we love that he is open about being one of the LGBT superheroes.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is a dangerous flirt with both men and women and is one of the LGBT superheroes that really puts her sexuality out there. We’re excited to see her on the big screen in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.


LGBT Superheroes Iceman

Iceman is a founding member of the X-Men and confronts his sexuality in a very interesting way. There is a time displacement where the young Iceman confront the adult Iceman to admit that he is one of the LGBT superheroes.


Mystique is one of those X-Men that you never quite know where you stand with. Mystique literally breaks out of the mould and redefines gender stereotyping and sexual preferences.