Last night during a livestream on Twitch, Blizzard unveiled its new Overwatch hero. As much as we have enough characters, the game has been lacking a decent support hero for some time now. With single character competition launching soon, this new hero cannot come soon enough. Enter Ana, a bounty hunter from Egypt, and mother to Pharah.

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Ana is one of the founding members of the Overwatch. She uses her skills and expertise to defend her home and people she cares about. This new Overwatch hero is a very versatile character, as her arsenal allows her to attack heroes all over the battlefield from a distance. Ana has a biotic rifle and grenades that both heal her allies and damage her opponents. She can also tranquilize targets and boost her allies attack and defense. Let us take a look at all her abilities in detail:

Biotic Rifle

This new Overwatch hero has a rifle that can shoot darts that restore health to her team mates. Targeting an enemy, will deal damage to them. The rifle is a sniper, and has a scope on it for highly accurate shots

Sleep Dart

Ana uses her firearm to shoot a sleep dart at enemies, this will render them unconscious for a short time, or until they receive damage from a source.

Biotic Grenade

Ana can toss her grenade that deals damage to enemies and heal allies at the same time. Allies who are healed, receive a brief increase any buffs they receive from other team mates, ie a heal from Mercy or a damage buff from Zayra. Enemies on the other hand affected by the grenade, cannot be healed for a short time, and if they are affected by any negative buffs, this will be increased for a short duration.

Nano Boost

When Ana hits an ally with a combat boost, they temporarily move faster, deal more damage, and take less damage from attacks.

Blizzard has not revealed a release date for this new Overwatch hero, but we expect her to arrive after this current competitive season, which ends in August. Ana will be free for all players as Blizzard has announced that all content released for Overwatch will be free for all players.  You can watch Ana’s origin story below on how she became part of the Overwatch team and the love for her daughter Pharah.

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