Pokémon GO has us glued to our screens more than ever. As the world becomes more attached to their devices, it might become more difficult to connect with other humans.

Enter the PokéDate.

PokéDate 2

This is a new way of dating for single Pokémon GO players who are keen to go on a date with a fellow Pokémon Trainer. How you spend your PokéDate is obviously up to you, but the idea is that you and your fellow Trainer explore a new area and catch Pokémon. Maybe you’ll even catch feelings while out on your PokéDate.

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Although the game hasn’t officially launched everywhere, Pokémon GO has the world enthralled. It would only make sense that people would start meeting and using the mobile game for dating. Project Fixup was smart to cash in on the craze. The dating site has always been committed to getting people to meet up for dates in interesting and new places, rather than exclusive online dating.

Project Fixup is about OFFline dating, and saving you the hours of time you would spend online to end up with the same date.

Hopefully the highly successful mobile game from Nintendo will officially launch in South Africa soon so that locally singles can also go on a PokéDate. And catch some Pokémon, of course.

Drop us a comment and let us know if you’ve been playing Pokémon GO yet. Would you go on a PokéDate? What would you do?

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