As Pokémon Go is a free-to-play app, we could expect some sort of paid advertising to hit the app sooner or later. Although it has been reported that Nintendo makes around $1 million a day on the app from its micro-transactions, that is just not enough it seems with Pokémon go ads reportedly on the horizon.

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Once the game finally launches around the world, Nintendo might be looking into Pokémon Go ads in the form of sponsored PokéStops. These sponsored PokéStops will be skinned with adverts of brands, like McDonalds for example, as one Reddit user has found in the game’s code. We could see some sort of Pokémon Go ads appearing when we approach these PokéStops, with subtle sponsorships by certain companies appearing in one way or another. These Pokémon Go Ads, will run like all Internet banner ads.

Pokémon Go Ads

Right now, Nintendo has stayed away from including any sort of licenses or other forms Pokémon Go ads, as PokéStops even exclude brand names and shop names. This is obviously being done to prevent any sort of free Pokémon Go ads for companies who might be classed as PokéStops. All this might change as these ads start to roll out. Although there is no sign of them in the time being. We in South Africa are still waiting for the official release of Pokémon Go to hit our local App Stores, as the game launched this morning in the UK.