With all this Pokémon GO frenzy going on, it’s easy for one to get carried away by it and forget ones manners and how to behave in situations. Some people have no Pokémon GO Etiquette We have seen in the past that gamers have caused riots in Central Park when a Vaporeon appeared and thousands went to catch it. We have also seen police use water bombs and riot shields to try disperse a crowd trying to catch a Pokémon.

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We do not want this behaviour to become a thing here in South Africa, so we have put together a guide on Pokémon GO Etiquette.

Be Polite

Pokémon GO Etiquette

We’re a massive Pokémon GO community, so be nice to each other. There are enough Pokémon to go around, and if you see it, then anyone can catch it. Try to be civil around other Pokémon GO players, chat about what Pokémon is your favourite, and create a conversation about the game. It’s not only proper Pokémon GO etiquette, but we reckon everyone should be nicer to each other.

Thank The Lure Module User

Pokemon Go

It’s excellent Pokémon GO etiquette to be polite to the person who used a Lure Module at a PokéStop, if you see them, say thanks! They used their rare modules to try to catch more Pokémon, and this means you can also now benefit from it, so it’s the proper Pokémon GO etiquette be nice.

No Restricted Areas

Pokemon Gym

It’s improper Pokémon GO etiquette to venture into forbidden areas or private property to try to catch that Dratini. Rather just let it go and hope that another one comes up somewhere else. Remember, trespassing is a crime punishable by law, and really, people in South Africa tend to be a bit paranoid. Safety and respect are both considered good Pokémon GO etiquette.

It’s Not One Big Competition

Pokemon Go PokeStop

We know Pokémon GO is a game, and games get competitive, but try to not live and breathe it like it’s the Olympics. Many users we meet, would rather just shove their highest CP Pokémon in our face and tell us all their awesome stories about how good they are, than chat about tips and tricks. This is considered improper Pokémon GO etiquette as we’re a community of players enjoying the game together.

Help Fellow Pokémon Trainers

Pokemon Go in South Africa

While we are gallivanting in the streets, we often come across a few other trainers who are playing the game too. Instead of being terrible people, we approach them and point them in the direction of some Pokémon we found during our walk. This is excellent Pokémon GO etiquette. So many players are on the same mission as you, so if you know there is something down the path, share it and make Pokémon GO a better place with players practicing polite, safe and considerate Pokémon GO etiquette.

Be A team Player

Right now there is an issue with Pokémon GO whereas players would sit and farm a Pokémon Gym and as soon as it is taken over by another player, they would kick then off again. This is completely improper Pokémon GO etiquette and Niantic has spoken about this and has assured players that this is not the way they want the game to be played. This means that if you are part of this problem, try to be the solution rather and practice better Pokémon GO etiquette. Let a player stay in the gym for a day before booting them off the ladder, or give everyone a fair chance at the game and practice good and polite Pokémon GO etiquette.

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Have you come across any rude player who do not have good Pokémon GO etiquette? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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