Everyone’s been playing Pokemon GO and it’s never too late to join in the fun. If you’re new to the popular mobile game, then check out our Pokemon GO starter tips to help you being a skilled Trainer.

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Know Your Pokemon

Your first Pokemon GO starter tip is to know what the main objective of the game is – catching Pokemon. If you’ve played Pokemon as a kid or watched the show then you’ll notice some of your favourites like the legendary Pikachu, Goldeen, Squirtle, Slowpoke, Zubat and many more. These Pokemon can be evolved and you can power them up once you’ve caught enough and collected certain items.

A good Pokemon GO starter thing to know is that there are 18-types of different Pokemon. And you’re a Pokemon GO starter then you’ll be excited to know that their are plent of Pokemon to catch.

Pokemon GO Starter

Know Your Pokemon GO Starter Items

If you’re going to be playing the Pokémon Go South Africa version of the mobile game, then you need to familiarise yourself with the different items. You’ll have various items in your virtual Pokémon GO South Africa backpack like PokéBalls, which lets you capture Pokémon once Pokémon GO South Africa becomes available. There are tons of other useful items to help you master Pokémon GO South Africa, like incense which draws the Pokémon to a specific player, incubators to hatch eggs which contain Pokémon, lure modules and many more.

Pokémon GO South Africa Items

Familiarise yourself with these items, but be sure not to delete them as once they are deleted they are gone. You can find more items when you visit Pokémon GO South Africa PokéStops (more on them below). You’re also given different types of candy and other items when you catch Pokémon. Candy is needed to Power Up and Evolve your Pokémon and you’re given specific candy for each.

Pokemon go items

Know Where Your Pokémon GO South Africa PokéStops Are

Once Pokémon GO South Africa launches you want to immediately be aware of where PokéStops are in your area. These PokéStops are where you collect any items you may need and it is also where you would drop a Lure Module to attract Pokémon. These PokéStops will appear on your map and will be blue blocks when they are too far away. They will have a disc in the middle once you’re in range. Spin the disk to collect the items available at the Pokémon GO South Africa PokésStop. Once you’ve collected your items, the PokéStop will turn purple and slowly turn blue again over a 5-minute period. This means that you can revisit a PokéStop every 5 minutes or so.

Pokémon GO South Africa

PokéStops are usually located at interesting landmarks like comic book stores, cool street art, sculptures, etc and it will be fun to find all the locations once Pokémon GO South Africa launches.

Start Catching Pokémon

Once you’ve gotten your bearings you can start heading out and catching Pokémon. Your first Pokémon will appear right in front of you when you play Pokémon GO South Africa for the first time. There will be a number of starter Pokémon that will appear at random to Pokémon GO South Africa users.

There is a trick to getting Pikachu as your starter Pokémon which we will share with you so keep checking back.

To catch a Pokémon: Tap on the Pokémon that appears on your screen. The game will start loading (notice a swirling PokéBall in the top left-hand corner of the screen) and open up the Pokémon you want to catch. Tap on the screen to bring up a PokéBall. Hold down on the PokéBall and aim towards the Pokémon. You don’t have to rush – take your time to get your aim right. You will notice that you’re given info on the Pokémon and the target circle around it will glow in different shades to represent how powerful it is, with green being the weakest and easiest to catch.

Don’t move too far from the area where you’ve spotted the Pokémon, as it might become out of range if you don’t manage to catch it the first time.

If you have plenty of PokéBalls we recommend you catch every Pokémon you can find as this adds to your XP and you receive candy which can be used to Power Up or Evolve Pokémon.

It might seem a bit daunting at first, but the game is really simple and soon you will be able to master Pokémon GO South Africa.

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