Looking for some simple Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks? You have come to the right place! Pokémon Go has launched in several countries globally and has not yet officially come to South Africa, although it works just fine if you have a USA itunes account for iOS or download the Android APK. If you have done that and are wanting to step up your Pokémon Go game, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at our Pokémon GO Tips and Tricks guide.


Pokémon GO Tips and Tricks


It goes without saying that exploring is the key to this game, moving around to different areas will help you find more and different Pokémon. As the game uses Google Maps as the underlying data for its world you can use this as a guide. Check out destinations that feature on Google maps such as Schools, Parks, Shopping Centres, Churches, Community centres, Markets and even Office Parks. These often have Pokéstop or gym locations and a higher density of Pokémon. Also try go to different areas i.e. near water for water based Pokémon or at night to get nocturnal Pokémon.
Pokemon Go in South Africa


While you can expect to do a bunch of walking you can get around this a bit by driving. Make sure you have a dedicated driver (safety first guys) and then sit in the passenger seat and track Pokémon. Some important Pokémon GO tips for this;
  • Stay at average speeds (40km/h – 70km/h) slower is better (avoid highways)
  • Turn off VR, this makes it easier to find/capture Pokémon while moving
  • Once you engage with a Pokémon you can continue driving while you capture it
  • You can even engage with PokéStops if you are close enough to them


Using items has a good effect on your Pokémon catching abilities but they are hard to come by. So use them wisely. Try use incense in areas with lots of Pokémon around so that they come to you. For Lure modules try get a bunch of friends around a PokéStop so that you and other players that come past can benefit from the item.
Pokemon go tips and tricks items

Transfer / Release

Transfer your duplicate Pokémon to receive species specific candy that you can use to upgrade/evolve your Pokémon. Make sure you check the skills / power of your Pokémon before you release him to the wild.
Pokemon Go in South Africa

Catch them all

Make sure you time your PokéBall throws by watching the size of the circle in the middle of the Pokémon. Small circle is better and more likely to catch the little critter, bigger circle less so. This becomes important as you start to tackle harder Pokémon.
We hope that this helps you guys while you are tracking and hunting your rare Pokémon! Good luck! Just make sure you keep your wits about you and don’t get run over or something silly – stay safe 🙂