Rihanna is one of the biggest musical stars in the world and dominates the charts frequently. The star also loves to break through all kinds of racial, gender, sexuality, etc stereotypes and regularly shocks and amazes her fans and followers. Rihanna has surprised us again with a very geeky Star Trek music video for her song Sledgehammer. The song is for the upcoming Star Trek: Beyond movie and the music video was filmed entirely with IMAX cameras – another world first for Rihanna.


The star proves that Trekkies are awesome and the Rihanna music video pays particular homage to the popular sci-fi series. The music video shows Rihanna in a space setting and even features the beloved Starship Enterprise spaceship. The star wears some out-of-this-world outfits and is made up to look extraterrestrial, while having telekinetic powers.

Rihanna, while wearing a Star Trek t-shirt, explains that she’s been a fan of the popular sci-fi franchise since she was a little girl.

It just took me one episode to fall in love with this other world that I couldn’t understand but I felt I could relate to. You always felt emotionally connected to the characters… I was very very honoured to be a part of this film.

Rihanna goes on to explain that being able to record a song for the upcoming movie was a great honour not only as fan, but as a musician as well because Star Trek is such a massive franchise and has been embedded into pop culture. She explains that it was her father who had shown her the first Star Trek episode she ever watched.

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Star Trek Beyond is the third instalment in the reboot series which was started back in 2009 when Star Trek was released. Star Trek Into Darkness followed in 2013. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto return to reprise their roles of the legendary Captain James T. Kirk and Commander Spock. Zoe Saldana also returns as Uhura and John Cho reprises his role of Sulu. Star Trek Beyond was directed by Justin Lin and is set to hit cinemas in late July 2016.