RoboCup 2016 just wrapped up. The annual event sees youngsters learn the basics like construction, programming, and mechanics of the processes. After they have built their own unique robots, the students then get to keep their creations to further improve their skills. The entire RoboCup 2016 was judged and there were various awards for different categories.

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Apart from the youngsters creating robots, the event also housed the annual RoboCup Federation. This competition saw robots fight it out in a FIFA-sponsored football tournament. More than 200 teams across 45 countries participated in the event. This year was the 20th anniversary of the FIFA inspired event, and took place in Leipzig Germany. After three days of intense competitions, Iranian robotic team managed to walk away with 13 titles, including runner-up after Thailand with a difference of 8 points.

RoboCup 2016

RoboCup 2016 sought to demonstrate the growth taking place in the robotic sector. More than 1200 robots were built during the event to participate in various activities like soccer, household use, industrial use and more. RoboCup 2016 showed off robots and how they can envision the world for us in various conditions like object manipulation, adaptive behaviour, ambient intelligence, and system integration.

We have no doubt that as the years go on and technology advances, we will see even greater things come out of the annual event.

RoboCup 2016

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