Snapchat has always been about the now and not the past. Your stories expire after a set amount of time, and it has  been about what is happening at this moment in your friends’ lives. This is all about to change as Snapchat is launching a new Memories feature which turns its focus to the past. Snapchat Memories will let you view and share old Snaps. Think of it as a digital library of all your old videos and content you have shared in the past, where you can edit them, delete them, and organise them.

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Snapchat Memories is rolling out today and once available, you will find it in a new section of the app. The new section lets you save photos and videos to Snapchat’s servers and revisit them later. This will not replace the current local saving of the contend as it will still remain. The new section will be well-organised with circular posts representing stories and rectangular posts representing snaps.

Making use of Snapchat Memories, will let you edit your Snaps, add filters and timestamps, and even share old Snaps again to your current Story. You can also select multiple Snaps and merge them together for a new Story. You can also hide certain Snaps you don’t want other people to see when letting them look at your device by using the My Eyes Only feature. This feature will then require a pin to access Snaps once you have saved them into the locked folder.

Sorting Snaps by location and date is also possible. The Snapchat app will start displaying the Snaps in an anniversary layout for all those nostalgic moments. Snapchat Memories will be rolling out worldwide in the next few days.

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