We don’t have an official South African Pokémon GO release, but we decided to get everyone a head start by providing you with everything South African Pokémon GO you can think of. We’re going to be posting regular South African Pokémon GO updates, tips, tricks, guides, hacks, memes and everything else Pokémon GO in between.

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Pokémon GO, if you don’t know, is an augmented reality Pokémon experience which uses your location and camera on your mobile device as a feature to catch Pokémon and explore a digital world in your surroundings. Once the South African Pokémon GO app launches you will be able to download it onto your smartphone from your local app store. You can use the camera on your device to augment the Pokémon’s location in your world, and by moving your device around, you can look and see if any Pokémon are around you.

Once the South African Pokémon GO app launches, you will be able to explore your area, meet new friends and take advantage of tons of other benefits to playing this new mobile game. The new mobile game has already put Nintendo back on the map in terms of market shares due to its sheer addictiveness and we’re sure the South African Pokémon GO hype will be as massive as it has been in other regions.

We will be using this space to teach you everything  you need to know, so be sure to check back regularly. Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and Follow our South African Pokémon GO Instagram account to make sure you catch all the Pokémon GO news, tricks and memes. We will show you the basics any new Pokémon GO player needs to know all the way to expert tips and tricks to help you become an expert.

We’d love to receive any South African Pokémon GO feedback, so be sure to drop us a comment with any suggestions, tricks, questions, etc.

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