Levelling up is everything once the South African Pokémon GO becomes available. You might think it’s hard to quickly gain levels and become the best South African Pokémon GO player, but it is not that hard at all.

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We have 5 ways you can gain XP and quickly become a force to be reckoned with once the South African Pokémon GO version of the game becomes available, without any real effort at all.

Lucky Egg and Lure Module Combo

Possibly the best way to gain XP is to catch Pokémon and Evolve them. But first you need to catch them. Visit a PokéStop once South African Pokémon GO launches and use a Lure Module to bring tons of Pokémon to your location. This is great for catching Pokémon, but if you really want to become one of the best South African Pokémon GO player, you can use a Lucky Egg. The Lucky Eggs double all your XP earn across any activities for 30 minutes.

Pokemon Go

This means that while you are catching Pokémon non-stop due to the Lure Module, you will also be earning double XP for every catch and new Pokémon you find. You could probably level up a couple of times.

Evolve 12 Candy Pokémon

There are a few Pokémon, especially those with two stages of evolution, which can evolve with just 12 candies. Pidgy, Caterpie, and Weedle are three of these Pokémon for example, and the best thing about them, is that they are pretty common. This means that you can catch 4 of each these Pokémon, and then Evolve them into their stage one evolution, and gain 500 XP from them.

South African Pokémon GO

Visit PokéStops

South African Pokémon GO

If you are lucky enough to work or live in an area with tons of PokéStops, do not be afraid to sit and farm them as they reset every 5 minutes. You will gain XP for every time you spin the dial and get items from it. Items and XP, what more can you ask for? The South African Pokémon GO version of the game hasn’t officially launched yet, but we can confirm that there are tons of PokéStops setup around the country in anticipation for the game’s local release.

Fight In Gyms

South African Pokémon GO

Pokémon Gyms are where South African Pokémon GO players will battle each other’s Pokémon. Every time you beat a Pokémon housed in the Gym, you will get a ton of XP for it. This means that whenever you feel that you have Pokémon strong enough, then you should start a fight.

Hatch Eggs

Yes, believe it or not, you have to actually get up off the couch to become the best South African Pokémon GO player, and one of the best ways to gain XP, is to hatch Poké Eggs. The reason why, is that Poké Eggs hold Pokémon that you have probably not found yet. This means that you will get XP for hatching the egg, and also registering a new Pokémon to the Pokédex.

 South African Pokémon GO

We’re expecting the South African Pokémon GO to have 3 types of eggs:

  • 2km,
  • 5km, and
  • 10km.

Most of the Pokémon in the 2km are common, while the 5km, and 10km have rarer Pokémon, that are harder to find in the wild/the mall.

Be sure to check out our South African Pokémon GO hub for everything you need to know about the popular mobile game.

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