We touched on possible paid PokéStops a while back where we discussed the possibility of sponsored PokéStops, which are located at specific locations and skinned with ads and sponsorships. Well, it seems that the first sponsored PokéStop will be in Japan, and McDonalds will be the first franchise to make use of these spots.

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This will see the fast food giant’s 3,000 plus stores across Japan become Pokémon Gyms and sponsored PokéStops. This means that users in Japan will be able to make use of the free Wi-Fi at the sponsored PokéStops and catch and fight in Pokémon battles at the same time.

But that is not all good news as the release of Pokémon Go has been delayed in Japan after the announcement of these sponsored PokéStops were leaked in an email highlighting the plans between McDonalds and Niantic. The Pokémon GO app was meant to release in the early hours of the morning, and has been delayed indefinitely following the leak of these sponsored PokéStops.

We are still waiting for the local release of the app here in South Africa, but as far as Japan goes, they are too. At least we know that McDonalds can be confirmed as a sponsor for the highly popular mobile game after much rumours and reports.

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