If you haven’t watched the sixth season finale of Game of Thrones then you may want to stop reading because there’s some massive spoilers about to come your way.


Last Sunday HBO revealed probably one of the biggest twists in the Game of Thrones history when it showed where Jon Snow really comes from. It turns out that all of us knew nothing. In a scene that’s sure to be remembered for a long time, it’s revealed that Ned Stark isn’t actually Jon Snow‘s father. Instead, his sister Lyanna Stark died during childbirth with him. This means that Jon Snow still has Stark blood running through his veins, but who is his father? HBO released an infographic which basically confirms that Rhaegar Targaryen is Jon Snow‘s father.

Game of Thrones

Along with the infographic, HBO explains how Ned Stark came to be at Lyanna Stark‘s side during Jon Snow’s birth:

The only daughter of Rickard Stark, Lord of Winterfell, Lyanna Stark was engaged to marry Robert Baratheon. According to Littlefinger, eyebrows were raised at a tourney hosted at Harrenhal when Prince Rhaegar Targaryen rode past his own wife, Princess Elia Martell, and presented his winner’s crown of winter roses to Lyanna instead.

Sometime after, news spread that Rhaegar had abducted Lyanna. When her brother Ned made his way to Dorne and found the Tower of Joy, he discovered his sister, Lyanna, drenched in blood and sweat on a bed. “Promise me, Ned,” she whispered as a brown-eyed newborn was placed into her brother’s arms.

A mystery which HBO failed to confirm is whether his name is really Jon Snow. Just before Lyanna Stark passes away, she begs Ned Stark to look after the brown-eyed baby and whispers that “his name is…” when the it becomes inaudible.

We can’t to see if and how Jon Snow finds out about his lineage. We’re also excited to see what this means for the entire series and for the battle of the Iron Throne.