South Africa and the U.K. have entered into a TV co-production agreement. The agreement, which builds on an existing co-production agreement between South Africa and the U.K., aims to “encourage the sharing of knowledge and ideas and drive economic growth through TV co-production“.


The agreement was negotiated on behalf of South Africa by our Department of Arts and Culture that met with the U.K ‘s Department for Culture, Media and Sport, together with the British Film Institute. The TV co-production agreement between the two countries was developed to “strengthen ties within the broadcast industries“. The U.K.’s Minister of Culture, Ed Vaizey explains that the agreement will continue to build on the strong relationship between South Africa and the U.K..

British television production is a tremendous success story, but we need to make sure the U.K. remains well placed to take advantage of the opportunities that come through international collaboration. This new agreement enhances our already strong relationship with South Africa and will help television production companies in both countries realize the benefits that come with co-production.

South Africa has entered into numerous other film and TV co-production agreements with countries like Australia, Canada, Italy, Ireland and Germany. These agreements allow co-produced content to be regarded as locally produced contend for each country that entered into the specific agreement. The advantages to this include being eligible to apply for tax rebates, benefits, assistance or programs available in each country. Film and TV co-production also allows for local markets to expand and develop. In South Africa, for instance, there is a tax rebate available for higher-rate production and the country offers beautiful settings and locations where filming can take place at relatively affordable rates.

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