Today, 17 June 2016, is World Emoji Day. We use emojis every day and it seems only fitting that we have an entire day dedicated to these small pictures that convey our emotional ramblings.

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World Emoji Day Facts

World Emoji Day is celebrated every year on 17 June for the cutest reason – the Calendar Emoji on the iOS keyboard displays the 17th of June. We love this detailed touch to the celebrations. To celebrate these small pictures, there is a World Emoji Day Facebook event which lets your friends know that you’re celebrating this day. There is also a World Emoji Day anthem which was written and produced by Jonathan Mann specifically for 2016’s celebrations. It’s kind of catchy, just like the tiny pictures the anthem is about.

There are currently 1 852 emojis up to and including the 9.0 Unicode version. 72 new emojis were released with 9.0 Unicode.

The top 5 emojis are:

  • Shrug
  • Face With Tears of Joy
  • Heavy Black Heart
  • Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes
  • Flag for France

An emoji (Face With Tears of Joy) was Word of the Year for 2015.

There is an emoji movie n the works, cleverly called Emoji Movie: Express Yourself.

Inside your phone, there’s a secret world– and we enter through the text app where we discover Emoji Valley, where the industrious Emoji live and work.

World Emoji Day

The very first World Emoji Day run was held in Hampshire in the UK. People participated in the run by dressing up as some of their favourite emojis.

Pepsi hosted an interactive and free World Emoji Day exhibit in New York City. Celebrities like Maggie Gyllenhaal, Chanel Iman and Kellan Lutz attended the exhibit, showing just how besotted people have become with emojis.

Are you celebrating these tiny pictures that convey your complex emotions today? Which are some of your favourite emojis to use? Drop us a comment and let us know everything you love or hate about emojis.

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