A new standalone Han Solo franchise is reportedly in the works at Disney, with Alden Ehrenreich being officially casted in the leading role of the young Han Solo. Although the younger version of the iconic galactic scoundrel that was first portrayed by Harrison Ford has already been casted, celebrities like 50 Cent, Melissa McCarthy and Adam Sandler wanted the role of young Han Solo for themselves.

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American television host, Conan O’Brien gathered some of his famous friends to reimagine what it would have been like if they auditioned for the part of the young Han Solo.

These auditions for the part of young Han Solo shows us just how hilarious and creative some of our favourite celebrities can be. We were especially surprised by 50 Cent who didn’t hold back and went full young Han Solo for these gag auditions. Melissa McCarthy proves in her role in the upcoming Ghostbusters all-female reboot, that she doesn’t conform to gender stereotyping and we reckon she would make quite the witty young Han Solo. We’re hoping if she ever gets cast as the female young Han Solo that she figures out the difference between Star Wars and Harry Potter.

We particularly laughed at Bill Hader’s young Han Solo portrayal. He does a pretty decent Jabba-the-Hut impersonation too, basically nailing the voice.

We were surprised by Jodie Foster having some comedic timing, poking fun at herself by proclaiming herself to be “Jody *bleep* Foster“. Adam Sandler looks scruffier than ever in his Han Solo full costume.

Jeff Goldblum makes an appearance too. We’re not surprised that he would want to portray Han Solo as he seems to be in every sci-fi or big fantasy movie out there. He was the only one of the celebrities who didn’t get dressed up in the Han Solo gear, proving he is a true legend.

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