If you have been dominating Pokemon GO Gyms, then you will need to know what Pokémon to use and when. We have a guide to help you decide what Pokémon to take into Pokemon GO Gym fights with you, and how each one will be beneficial to winning different Pokemon GO Gyms.

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Pokémon CP

First thing’s first, your Pokémon’s CP is vital to the outcome of Pokemon GO Gyms fights. The higher your CP, the better chance of you beating a Pokémon at Pokemon GO Gyms. A Gym battle is half CP, and half the Pokémon elements. CP determines the power of your Pokémon and  how strong each attack will be on a Pokémon.

CP is determined by the specific Pokémon, and how your evolve it and level it up using Stardust. Pokémon over 1000CP should be considered to fight in a gym. As you level up, you will find stronger CP Pokémon, and even evolve into higher CP Pokémon. We have a guide to evolving your Pokémon to ensure high CP HERE.


Now that you have high CP Pokémon, you now need to consider what element you have. You also need to consider what element the Pokémon have that are defending the Pokemon GO Gyms.

Pokemon GO Gyms 2

As you can see, the same damage benefits go hand in hand in Pokémon GO. An example, if you go into Pokemon GO Gyms which are guarded by Vaporeons, you would want to go in with grass Pokémons and electric Pokémons. This is because you will deal double damage to them, and they will deal half damage to you.

Know Your Pokémon


Each Pokémon in Pokémon GO has a weakness and strength apart from its element. Some Pokémon are tanks with high health and slow speed, while others have low health and high speed, making dodging attacks easier and more successful.  Pokémon like Clafable have high HP, which means they can withstand more attacks, but this means you can easily dodge their attacks as they are extremely slow.

Pokemon GO Gyms

Gyrados on the other hand is an all-round Pokémon, who has high HP, speed, and attack.

Useful Tips


Always use your highest CP Pokémon when going into Pokemon GO Gyms. Always remember to check the gym and what Pokémon are defending it, so that you can choose the right elements to counter those within Pokemon GO Gyms.

Pokemon GO Gyms

Between fights, always make sure to refill your Pokémon’s health using potions and hyper potions. If you Pokémon dies, then you will need to revive it. Feel free to swap between Pokémon while battling, taking the right CP Pokémon with the right element into the fight, so that you can counter every type of Pokémon positioned in the gym. The most powerful Pokémon in the game is Dragonite, so be sure to keep a Fairy Pokémon on hand so you can defeat him quick and easily.

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