Usain Bolt is currently dominating the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. To celebrate this fast fellow’s achievements, why not download Boltmoji?

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PUMA’s Boltmoji is the perfect way to express how you feel about this athlete who keeps smiling to the finish line. This fun Boltmoji keyboard lets you express your admiration for Usain Bolt as he represents Jamaica at Rio 2016. You can use Boltmojis like the athlete’s signature “Bolt-pose” as well as a ton of other distinctly Usain Bolt emojis to express yourself on iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and more.


Usain Bolt joins an influx of celebrities who have created their own line of unique emojis like the infamous Kimoji created for Kim Kardashian, Justmoji created for Justin Bieber and Ari created for Arianna Grande. Emojis are hugely popular and a staple way for digital communicators to accurately and hilariously capture their daily emotions. With Boltmoji you’re able to do all of that at lighting fast speeds.

You can download the Boltmoji keyboard for free for iOS or Android devices. Once installed, all you need to do is add the keyboard from third-party apps in Settings and you’re ready to express yourself with Usain Bolt emojis.

Drop is a comment and let is know if you’ll be downloading this emoji keyboard from PUMA to celebrate Usain Bolt.

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