Britney Spears is having a killer year so far. She’s been nailing her Vegas residency, Piece of Me which was renewed for a second time in 2016. On top of that, Britney Spears found time to record her ninth studio album, Glory which was released last week. On Sunday evening the superstar performed songs off her latest album at the MTV VMAs and showed that she definitely still has it. She even managed to meet up with James Corden to do one of his Car Karaokes.

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Our favourite moments included when Britney Spears and James Corden lip sync to the end credits of Oops I Did It Again. The pop star even dons her now famous pigtails and Catholic schoolgirl uniform from her breakthrough single, Hit Me Baby (One More Tim). There can only be one Britney Spears, but James Corden tries anyway to channel this charming superstar. Things get a bit creepy when James Corden explains to Britney Spears that he once saw his mother in underwear when he asked her what her sons thought about her provocative performances. The star is a little awkward at times, but it makes the experience feel even more authentic and fans are sure to lose their minds hearing Britney Spears performing her classic pop hits which cemented her into music history.

James Corden has somehow convinced a variety of other stars like Adele, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez and even the (naked) Red Hot Chili Peppers to join him on a musical joy-ride. The comedian has even managed to get Michelle Obama to do one of his Car Karaoke drives.

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