FNB unveiled two FNB smartphones, the ConeXis A1 and ConeXis X1. Both of these devices are skinned in an FNB casing, and have been designed from the ground up to be affordable, and offer zero-data charges when making use of the FNB Banking App.

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CEO of the FNB Consumer Segment, Jan Kleynhans explains FNB’s decision to release FNB smartphones

For FNB, mobile banking is more than just having the best banking app. For us, true mobile banking is enabling customers to bank anywhere, anytime using smartphone technology at very affordable prices for our customers.

The ConeXis A1 is the entry level device of the FNB smartphones that packs a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU, 5MP front and 2MP back camera, 8GB of storage, and 1GB of RAM. The device is the lower spec model of the two FNB smartphones, and will come in at R59 per month on a 5oMB data + 15 minutes package.

The ConeXis X1 is the top of the range model of the two FNB smartphones, with 4G/LTE, 8GB of storage (upgrade available) , 1GB of RAM, a 5.2 HD (1920×1080) display, and runs Android Marshmallow. This model will be available for R150 per month on a 100MB + 25 minute package.



Both FNB smartphones will make use of the zero-data charge when using the FNB Baking App, while the ConeXis 1 will also add Shoprite and Checkers vouchers and free SMS notifications. The best thing about the new devices, is that if you are already an FNB account holder, you can sign up and get a device with zero credit checks. If you are an eBucks account holder, you could  also get a rebate back on your device, with various rewards levels offering different rebates. Starting at R60 for level 3 rewards, and the full 100% rebate at level 5 rewards.

It seems that FNB want to provide affordable FNB smartphones, which are stress free if banking with them. This program also lets users be in control of their own banking, while using a branded device.

Will these FNB smartphones be any good? We will have one soon to test and will you keep posted.

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