Gamescom 2016 is in full swing. Sony and Microsoft did not make a massive appearance in terms of press briefings, but Bungie, EA Games, and Blizzard managed to bring enough to the party to make Gamescom 2016 one heck of a ride.

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From World of Warcraft: Legion, all the way to Overwatch, Blizzard had quite a show on this year. The developer highlighted some cool new World of Warcraft: Legion features, like new customisation, daily quests, and an overhauled PvP.

Blizzard also unveiled new Heroes of the Storm details like the introduction of Zarya from Overwatch, and Alarak from StarCraft II. These two new characters will both have their iconic move sets from their original games, as Zarya takes on her tank role, and Alarak is his usual assassin.

Blizzard touched on new StarCraft II content, hinting that the game will release soon with the Protoss character pack, which will feature soon to be Hero of the Storm character, Alarak.

Apart from the Summer Games pack in Overwatch, Blizzard finally revealed the latest map to hit the game called Eichenwalde. The map takes us to a German castle, and is actually the birth place of Bastion. The map will have some steep vertical battle zones, and will see you push a battering ram towards the castle door to win the match.


We are extremely excited for Rise of Iron. Bungie’s Gamescom 2016 stream highlighted all the new PvP, also known as Crucible, changes and additions coming to the game when it launches on 20 September 2016.

You will now be able to host your own Private Matches in Rise of Iron, and tailor each match to your liking. You can choose your own game mode, map, time of day, score limit, and even teams. The new Private Matches will add some longevity to the game as once all the content is done, players spend much time in PvP.

Bungie finally showed off some gameplay from the new Supremacy game mode. The game mode is like classic Kill Confirmed from the Call of Duty series, where players kill other players to pick up their orbs. First team to a set amount of orbs wins. There was a cool trailer which shed some light on the game’s features, apart from the PvP. We also learnt that the Raid for Rise of Iron, called Wrath of the Machine, will be live the Friday after the game launches worldwide. Bungie also revealed that the first Iron Banner that takes place after Rise of Iron releases, will indeed be Supremacy.

EA Games

EA Games’ Gamescom 2016 event was filled with sporting games. As FIFA and NHL 17 are around the corner, it came as no surprise. EA touched on Titanfall 2, and the multiplayer test which will be live this weekend and continue on for two weeks. The public test will be live on PS4 and Xbox One, and will be free for all to download and play. EA showed off a new trailer for the game, which showcased the Titans that we will be using during the test.


Like all Call of Duty titles, there had to be something extreme apart from the space trip which Infinite Warfare will take us from, and Zombies in Spaceland is just that. The Gamescom 2016 trailer, which you can see below, showcases the 80s wonderland which Call of Duty will be going for in the zombies mode. It seems that players will be heading into an 80s amusement park, making zombies dance, and well, killing them.

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