If you are heading into a Pokémon GO Gym battle, then you will need to be prepared. We have covered how to beat a Pokémon GO Gym and what it is all about. Now we want to touch on how to guarantee a high CP evolution Pokémon .

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Each Pokémon has a set CP cap, and each Pokémon has its own minimum requirement to look at when you want to achieve an over 1000 CP evolve. For example, Nidorino needs to be over 620 CP to evolve into a Nidoking at over 1000CP. Why would you want high evolution CP Pokémon? When you achieve a high CP evolution Pokémon, it will take more Stardust to power the high CP evolution Pokémon up. To make things easier, you would want to ideally use less Stardust on a first evolution Pokémon like Nidorino, which is 1600 Stardust, rather than 2200 Stardust to strengthen Nidoking.

Here is a full chart of evolutions, and what CP the Pokémon should be, to insure you get high CP evolution Pokémon.

High CP Evolution Pokémon

If you really want to plan your high CP evolution Pokémon, then you can use this Pokémon GO Toolkit. Simply enter the Pokémon you have, and it will tell you what CP it will evolve into. We tested this out on our Caterpie.

Pokémon GO


We entered the amount of CP that our Caterpie was, and then evolved it. The Pokémon Go Toolkit then gave us an average of what it would evolve into. Once we evolved it, it was within the range.

High CP Evolution Pokémon 1



Remember that it all depends on the CP and level you are on. The higher your level, the higher the Pokémon’s CP you will come across.

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