With September approaching, and an imminent iPhone 7 event and iOS release date incoming, we decided to download the beta version of iOS 10, and we have to say that we are in love with it. Everything that iOS 10 is, has been tweaked in some way or another, with little animations, brand new sounds, and a whole new array of features. We are going to start all the way from the lock screen, and go through each new feature that we just love on iOS 10.

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Lock Screen

The new lock screen has probably received the most attention in iOS 10. Right from the moment you turn your device on, you are welcomed to a brand new menu. Using your fingerprint, you can now unlock the device but at the same time,  still stay on the lock screen, this is due to the new widget menu which is found by swiping right on the lock screen. Pressing the home button once your fingerprint has been identified, will then take you into the device. This is a nice way to give the lock screen its own capabilities, and make it less than a typical lock screen on a phone.

iOS 10

The widget menu now shows you tons of new notifications which you set up. You can have your favourite contacts available, emails, weather, Siri suggestions, and more. It is the same as the pull-down menu you find on your home screen, but instead it is available on your lock screen. Graphically the widgets have been tweaked, with each app being divided into blocks, so it is easier to see.

The main lock screen has also been tweaked in iOS 10, with each notification being divided into a separate block, to make it visually appealing, and easier to navigate through. The usual swipe across a notification will unlock the phone into the app. As for the quick access camera, this is now accessed by swiping to the left of the lock screen on iOS 10.

Home Screen

The home screen has not changed that drastically, but there has been a few tweaks. You can now delete Stock Apps like the Apple Watch, Stocks, Health, Notes and more. Almost every app can now be removed, and re-downloaded through the App Store. Swiping left on the home screen will take you to the same widget page as found on the lock screen, and the usual pull down search function is still around. There is also a new Home App, which is said to be the app that will be used to control tech in your house from your device. Have nothing of use? Well, at least you can then just delete the app.

As for the notification panel at the top of the device, it is cleaner and has been divided into two pages rather than one. On one page you will find your notifications, and on the other the same widget page can be found. The biggest change on the home screen is the new quick access menu, which has replaced the old one. The buttons are much bigger, and it seems easier to pull up and access. Music has now been moved to a new page which is accessed by swiping left. The has all the music content you need when using the Music App.

iOS 10

Sights and Sounds

Believe it or not, but the keyboard clicks have been changed in iOS 10. You are welcomed to a much more subtle sounding click than before. Typing sounds great as the backspace, buttons, and space button all have different sounds, so you can clearly tell what you are pressing. There is a new lock sound too, so gone is the 8-year-old click sound when locking your device. Apps now open by zooming into the app, and when you exit back to your home screen, it will zoom back out. It is a nice touch all-round, as the visuals and sounds make iOS 10 feel refreshing.

Pictures, Notes, and iMessage

The pictures app now has a built-in face scanner, where you can search for photos with a certain person. It took a while to scan through our photos, but once it was done, each person we took pictures with in the past, appeared in their own folder.

Notes can now be shared with people and they can edit them live too. This is great for accessing a note that someone else might have information on. As for iMessage, the changes are beyond anything Apple has ever done. Sending heartbeats, kisses, music, files, and more. It is a great change which we think will create more users on the app.

While we still do not have a release date as of yet for iOS 10, we know Apple is bound to release it by the end of September. As we update our beta version and new features are discovered, we will keep you posted. We will have some hands on with the Music App, and some more features too.

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