iPhone gestures are great tricks to have up your sleeve. These iPhone gestures help you save time, lets you use your iPhone more efficiently and makes you look super cool in front of your friends.

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Everyone can use these iPhone gestures to make their daily iPhone usage more productive and fun. Technology is there to be used so ensure that you get the best out of your device with these iPhone gestures.

Shake To Undo

If you’ve made a mistake while performing a task on your iPhone you can use one of the many cool iPhone gestures to undo your mistake. All you have to do is shake your phone. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter which way, just be sure you have a good grip on your expensive iPhone which has a delicate, prone-to-cracking screen.

Listen To Text

You need to play with some settings before you can use this gesture. Go to Settings > Accessibility > General > Speak > Speak Screen.

Now that the feature is activated you’re able to listen to text being read to you on your iPhone. To activate the feature just use two fingers and drag down on any screen containing text to have it read out to you. A popup menu lets you adjust the speed of the text reading, ensuring you catch every word. This is a great way turn your ebook into audio books.

Switch Between Keyboards

iPhone gestures are designed to make the user experience even better than the normal functions. This is a very useful typing trick which is sure to speed up your message sending skills. Tap and hold the number symbol on your iPhone keyboard, pick out a character without tapping and then slide back to the original keyboard. It works the other way around as well.

Swipe To Go Back

As there isn’t always a back button available on a touch screen, this is one of the simpler, but more useful iPhone gestures. If you want to go back in any screen you’re occupying, swipe right to go back. This works in messages and most apps.

Swipe To Save Emails

If you’re in a rush while typing an email you luckily have iPhone gestures at your disposal to ensure you don’t lose your email draft. All you have to do is swipe down while typing an email and it will save it to your drafts. This is especially useful when you’re typing a mail and would like to reference another email.

BONUS: Create Your Own iPhone Gestures

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Turn on Assistive Touch > Create New Gesture

Which iPhone gestures to you use the most often?

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